Application Penetration Testing


We help determine your application’s security posture by employing the same tactics real-world attackers use, letting us discover your attack surface in the most realistic way possible, and identifying weaknesses that lead to your most likely paths of compromise.


We thoroughly examine all aspects of modern applications, including back-end APIs and mobile components, to help you understand where you are vulnerable to an external attack. Ultimately, we don’t just find vulnerabilities – we help you identify and understand your security posture so that you can improve it.

APT can help you:

  • Deliver more secure applications and data.
  • Satisfy testing requirements for secure releases, compliance, third-party assessments, mergers and acquisitions, etc.
  • Ensure data and functionality can be protected from unauthorized access, malicious use, and subversion.
  • Prioritize proven application exposure points as opposed to potential false positives.
  • Find business and logic flaws that other forms of testing can’t find.



By combining a dynamic penetration test of a deployed application with the depth of source code analysis, we can dive deeper into your application, test for a broader range of vulnerabilities, and provide higher confidence results.


Bishop Fox’s advanced Red Team approach allows your security team to explore, analyze, and anticipate risks that extend beyond your technical systems. Using our modular 4 + 1 Core Methodology, we help you proactively address security risks with the biggest impact.

“We chose Bishop Fox as they come with an impressive pedigree. Bishop Fox specializes in security consulting services for various Fortune 100 companies and eight of the top 10 global technology companies around the world. They also work with major studios, so we knew they were the right people for the job.”

— Chris McMahon, Head of Content and Communication at Ftrack


Whether you know exactly which services you need, or want help in figuring out what solution is best for you, we can help.