Built from the ground up
to protect you from every angle

We don’t blindly follow industry standards because industry standards won’t adequately protect your business. Your security posture is one-of-a-kind, so our engagement with you will be unique. It will also be dynamic and actionable.


Every Bishop Fox engagement is built from the ground up to deliver precisely what you need. Our services range from full-knowledge assessments that include source code analysis to zero-knowledge engagements where nothing is known except the target.

Can your application be hacked?

We help determine your application’s security posture by employing the same tactics that real-world attackers use, letting us discover your attack surface in the most realistic way possible and identify the weaknesses that lead to your most likely paths of compromise.

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How many vulnerabilities exist in your application?

By combining a dynamic penetration test of a deployed application with the depth of source code analysis, we can dive deeper into your application, test for a broader range of vulnerabilities, and provide higher confidence results.

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Do you understand all the ways you can be breached?

Our Advanced Red Team service allows you to tap into our custom analytical toolkit and flexible 4 + 1 Core methodology to proactively address the most critical security risks to your technical systems, day-to-day operations, and long-term strategies.

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Are your devices and their data and services secure?

By conducting specialized hardware and software review including binary and protocol analysis, reverse engineering, fuzzing, and physical manipulation, we identify security weaknesses in consumer, commercial, and industrial devices.

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Are you concerned that misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure could give attackers access to your resources?

With the rapid move to the cloud, you need to make sure your cloud technology and infrastructure services (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.) are secure. Uncover security issues before they become a bigger problem down the road.

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Is your network safe from an internal actor?

By simulating an attacker who has gained access to the internal network, we locate the most likely vulnerabilities, attack paths, and exploit chains an internal threat actor would leverage to gain access to your sensitive data and critical functionality.

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Are your applications and network safe from external attacks?

We simulate an external attacker attempting to exploit your internet-facing networks and applications to help you identify exploitable vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your perimeter that leave you exposed to breaches.

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“Bishop Fox is a group of security professionals who are experts in their field. They brought a number of different disciplines to the project, people who understood all aspects of what we were working with.”

— Chris Dow, Vice President of Software at August


Whether you know exactly which services you need, or want help in figuring out what solution is best for you, we can help.