Think like
a villain
Act like
a hero

Want to join the skulk? Be a beast. Go hard. Don’t stop until you move the needle.


We work with some of the biggest names in industry, commerce, and entertainment and help them protect some of the most important data out there. We break things and build new things that break more things, always working with the very latest technologies. The stakes are high. The challenges are bonkers. The wins are epic. And we’re here for all of it.

“By far the most rewarding job I have had.”

— Current employee, full time for more than one year


What makes Bishop Fox such a special place to work and such a strong partner to our clients? In a nutshell, our values. They are what we embrace, and what we believe.

Be excellent to each other

We treat each other with respect, it’s part of our business model. Our clients and fellow employees know we’ll take care of them.

Do what you say you’ll do

Our commitment to quality demands that we own our work and deliver on promises. Double-pinky swear.

Do the right thing

Our clients trust us with their most precious information. We never compromise their interests to further our own.

Never stop improving

Attackers are constantly evolving and getting smarter. So we’re relentlessly learning, improving, and getting smarter-er.

Aim higher

We believe the status quo is there for a reason: to be smashed. (We are also good with laughing at it.)

Give a Sh*t

We care. We love strengthening security and preventing breaches because we love making the world better for everyone.



Way beyond
the basics

  • Full medical, dental and vision
  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • Phone plan
  • Commuter benefits program
  • Maternity and paternity leave

All you,
all the time

  • Work from anywhere
  • Annual training budgets

Pure Freebie

  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • So much swag…like, SO much

Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox Academy is a hands-on training program based around building your skills and career. Through a combination of educational content, real-world experience, and expert mentorship, Bishop Fox Academy offers a unique and effective way to educate security professionals.

• 1-on-1 Mentorship on Real Engagements
• Video Library Created By and Delivered To Penetration Testers
• Training Budgets
• Comprehensive Testing Methodology Guidance
• Technical and Non-Technical Career Development Support

We believe in learning from the best pen testers in the world; us.


Don’t see your dream job below? Reach out to our recruiters at [email protected] and ask! We are growing, so check back often!

Consulting Practice

Penetration Tester — U.S Remote

Penetration Tester — México

Penetration Tester (Contract) — U.S. Remote

Senior Penetration Tester — U.S. Remote


Senior Software Engineer — México

Senior Software Engineer — U.S. Remote

Staff Software Engineer — U.S. Remote


Infrastructure Engineer — México


Compliance Trust Advisor — U.S Remote/México


Director of Content Marketing — U.S. Remote

Director of Digital Marketing — U.S. Remote

Red Team

Senior Security Consultant- Red Team — U.S. Remote


Account Executive — U.S. West

Break It
’Til You Make It

Interested in flexing your pen testing muscles? Intern with us, and you’ll get the opportunity to work on one-of-a-kind projects and push your technical skills to the next level.

Meet Your New
Support System

No need to sweat it out through hiring and onboarding. These Foxes are here to put your entire journey on the smooth track.
Bishop Fox Senior Director of Recruiting, Pat Flynn Headshot

Pat Flynn

Senior Director of Recruiting

Danielle Sahlin

Director of Human Resources

Ashly Childers

Human Resources Generalist

Caroline Pugh

Senior Talent Acquisition Coordinator


Human Resources Coordinator

Kaitlin O’Neil

Lead Technical Recruiter

Joanna Eberly

Senior Technical Recruiter


Whether you know exactly which services you need, or want help in figuring out what solution is best for you, we can help.