Blending the science and art of pen testing, CAST combines advanced technology and attack-focused automation with human expertise to deliver a managed service that scales your security testing program while reducing your security team’s workload.

CAST Diagram - CAST maps the modern attack surface and feeds the data into the CAST platform. Operators leverage that data to deliver expert penetration tests. The results are shared to the client.
How we map the modern attack surface
The CAST platform and the three core capabilities
CAST Operators and how they interact with the platform
CAST Team Collaboration

Secure your external perimeter

The CAST platform generates a real time map of your attack surface and leverages advanced automation to continuously identify potential weaknesses on your perimeter. The data is provided to our expert operators who perform continuous penetration tests and deliver fully validated results.

Discover your attack surface

Our domain-centric approach to attack surface discovery generates a detailed map of your entire attack surface drawn from multiple public, private, and commercial data sources as well as our own discovery methods.

Operationalize your data

The CAST platform performs continuous attack surface discovery and provides in-depth characterization analytics and technology profiling of identified targets. The aggregate data is then operationalized to identify weaknesses on your perimeter.

Prioritize your testing

The CAST platform empowers our expert team of operators with a rich understanding of your attack surface and highlights areas of potential risk, so they can focus their testing efforts where it is most likely to provide actionable, high-value results. The operators’ insights are then fed back into the platform.

Receive insights in real-time

CAST customers get real-time visibility and insights about their entire attack surface and verified vulnerabilities through the CAST customer portal and live chat communications. The CAST platform is architected for API access and also integrates with common issue management systems, allowing you to incorporate findings into your normal business processes or systems.

In order to address the mass of threats in a reasonable way, security and risk management leaders need to take a drastic approach to threat prioritization.

How to Respond to the 2019 Threat Landscape

Gartner (Published 16 August 2019)