Enterprise Security

Organizations become secure by design, not by accident – and that’s where the Bishop Fox Enterprise Security Team comes in.

Security Strategy

Every company’s security needs are different; every strategy has a shelf-life. We design tailored strategies that fit your company’s unique security profile.

  • Enterprise Security Maturity Analysis
  • Enterprise Security Program Definition
  • Enterprise Security Roadmap Development
  • Security Program Consulting

Risk Management

A business’ most valuable assets are those that have the greatest impact if copied, stolen, or destroyed. We evaluate all aspects of your people, processes, and technology to give you actionable intelligence that you can use.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Consulting


Meeting industry standards, regulations, and customer requirements necessitates thoughtful planning and execution. Our team works with you to simplify and achieve compliance.

  • Compliance Design
  • Control Implementation
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Remediation Consulting

Technical Controls

Technical controls, like any tool, are only good when tuned and maintained. We help you make the most of your current tools and can even help you pick new ones.

  • Technical Security Controls Implementation
  • Technical Security Controls Review

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Security doesn’t just happen. We provide guidance on how to integrate security practices into your development process to achieve a secure software development lifecycle (SSDL).

  • Microsoft SSDL Service
  • SSDL Maturity Analysis
  • SSDL Program Definition
  • SSDL Roadmap Development