Not only is the media and entertainment industry at the forefront of our culture, but it constitutes a considerable portion of our global economy. It’s how we still receive most of our information on a day-to-day basis. But thanks to its ubiquity, the media and entertainment industry is an especially appealing target for hackers around the world.

As professional penetration testers, we have worked extensively with the media and entertainment industry for the past decade. We have dealt with instances large and small in addition to breaches that call to mind the infamous Sony Pictures hack of 2014.  

This talk will present the lessons we have learned from this work. We will share which programs we saw usher in success – and which programs were dead on arrival. We will share how we prevented devastating breaches as well as how to enhance the security posture of exposed assets. In short, we will share with our audience how the media and entertainment industry can achieve security success.

Managing Security Associate Florian Nivette will present How the Media Industry Can Achieve Security Success to The Society of Television Engineers on Thursday, April 18th.