Introducing ZigDiggity, an entire suite of new ZigBee penetration testing tools to be released by Partner Francis Brown and Senior Security Associate Matthew Gleason exclusively at Black Hat USA – Arsenal 2018. We’ll be publicly releasing a FREE set of ZigBee hacking tools designed specifically for use by security professionals. We will showcase the best-of-breed in both hacking hardware and software (ZigDiggity) that you’ll need to build a complete ZigBee penetration toolkit. Each of the key concepts/tools will be accompanied with live hacking demonstrations that will be both exciting as well as educational, including:

  • ZigBee – disabling home security system door/window alarms via ZigBee DoS attacks
  • Scaling this same home ZigBee attack to an entire neighborhood by equipping Bishop Fox’s DangerDrone with the ZigBee Hacking gear and new ZigDiggity toolset.

We’ll also be giving away a fully functional Danger Drone to one lucky audience member, fully equipped and loaded with ZigDiggity hacking capabilities – guaranteed to leave your friends feeling peanut butter and jealous!