Today’s modern attack surface is expanding at a pace that makes it difficult for security teams to keep up. The list of potentially threatening unknowns accumulates daily. Miscommunication, pressure to meet business objectives and the ubiquitous nature of cloud infrastructure, can leave security teams struggling to defend their perimeter. Add in unknown infrastructure that exists on the attack surface, like old subdomains and domains, and the challenge becomes untenable.  

By creating a real-time map of an organization’s attack surface, CAST Operators leverage advanced automation to identify potential weaknesses on their perimeter so they can address vulnerabilities before they become breaches. 

Continuously testing and surfacing only critical and high impact issues, CAST Operators eliminate the “noise” and allow security practitioners to focus on remediating vulnerabilities that have the greatest positive impact on their organization’s security posture.



See how CAST has helped real companies understand their attack surface and focus on remediating the issues that matter most to their growing business.


Securing a Scaling Perimeter

When an unprecedented confluence of events forced a technology communication provider to scale exponentially nearly overnight, the company’s security team began to lose track of their rapidly expanding attack surface. A massive onboarding of new users meant the company’s infrastructure was operating at maximum capacity. With all-hands-on-deck, the focus was on innovation and delivering on the reliability that the brand represented – security, though important, took a back seat.

With a mission of meeting demand first, the technology provider’s security team knew that they needed help. They needed to identify areas of weaknesses on their attack surface and assistance prioritizing what mattered most – they didn’t have the luxury of time for scan “noise” and chasing false positives.

The CAST service helped them map out their new attack surface, identify the threats that really mattered and provided them with detailed, actionable advice that they could use immediately to bolster their security posture.



See additional ways CAST has helped real customers solve their greatest security challenges.

Augment Your Security Team

A shortage of talent, limited budgets, and noisy scanners make staying ahead of risks a challenge for many security teams. CAST Operators act as an extension of your security team, gaining a deep understanding of your attack surface, performing continuous monitoring and testing, and surfacing only the issues that you care most about.

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

New threats and vulnerabilities emerge on a daily basis. With ever-expanding attack surfaces to protect, security teams need a solution that keeps up with sophisticated attackers. CAST continuously monitors emerging threats and provides actionable remediation on the weaknesses that pose a risk to your business.