The stories below from select clients highlight the benefits of this collaboration – and how CAST allows client security teams to direct their attention to the most threatening issues to the organization.


Remediating a Deserialization Vulnerability

When a PHP deserialization vulnerability became an issue for a large agricultural manufacturing client, CAST team members investigated the vulnerable vector, determined whether it posed a significant risk to the client’s network, and delivered actionable remediation guidance that helped the client’s IT Department prioritize the fix.


De-escalating a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

CAST team members work with security practitioners in real time to flag vulnerabilities that pose a significant risk to their organizations. For a media conglomerate faced with dozens of potential threats every day, CAST eliminates unnecessary noise so the security team can focus on the issues that really matter. Such was the case with the Microsoft SMBGhost vulnerability. By researching the potential impact to the client’s network and determining that there was no cause for alarm, the CAST team was able to allay fears and save the client’s security team valuable time.



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Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

New threats and vulnerabilities emerge on a daily basis. With ever-expanding attack surfaces to protect, security teams need a solution that keeps up with sophisticated attackers. CAST continuously monitors emerging threats and provides actionable remediation on the weaknesses that pose a risk to your business.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Security teams can’t protect what they don’t know. Through product releases, mergers, acquisitions, and expanding cloud infrastructures, your attack surface is continuously changing. By using a domain-centric approach to attack surface discovery, CAST continuously monitors your perimeter and operators identify ways to reduce your number of attack vectors.