Meaningful results, real business impact. CAST helps your security team solve some of their greatest challenges.


Identifying and responding to emerging security threats quickly and effectively is a priority for all businesses, but conflicting priorities, tools that produce too much noise, or an insufficient resources can often slow security teams down.

CAST helps you pinpoint, validate, and respond to emerging threats –before an attacker has the chance to exploit them.  

The CAST platform curates 75 different data sources and proactively flags potential critical and high-risk issues. Our team of expert penetration testers then validate each issue, provide a detailed analysis of the threat, and report their findings in real-time through chat and the CAST portal.

The result – validated findings on real threats, delivered faster than other solutions on the market.


Today’s modern attack surface is expanding at a pace that makes it difficult for security teams to keep up. The list of potentially threatening unknowns accumulates daily. Miscommunication, pressure to meet business objectives and the ubiquitous nature of cloud infrastructure, can leave security teams struggling to defend their perimeter. Add in unknown infrastructure that exists on the attack surface, like old subdomains and domains, and the challenge becomes untenable.  

By creating a real-time map of an organization’s attack surface, CAST Operators leverage advanced automation to identify potential weaknesses on their perimeter so they can address vulnerabilities before they become breaches. 

Continuously testing and surfacing only critical and high impact issues, CAST Operators eliminate the “noise” and allow security practitioners to focus on remediating vulnerabilities that have the greatest positive impact on their organization’s security posture.


Attack surfaces are expanding faster than ever, with cloud and hybrid environments becoming the new normal. While these agile environments have huge benefits for the business, security teams struggle to keep up in securing and auditing new infrastructure. 

CAST human operators act as an extension of the security team. They perform continuous penetration tests, flag issues that need to be investigated and do the hard work of determining whether potential findings pose a real risk to a client’s network. CAST team members work with security practitioners in real time to describe issues in detail and give actionable remediation guidance. They make all their work transparent and accessible through the CAST portal. Clients can review all their issues in a single location and see trending metrics and a proof of concept for each critical vulnerability – without the noise and frustration of attempting to decipher scan results.

In order to address the mass of threats in a reasonable way, security and risk management leaders need to take a drastic approach to threat prioritization.

How to Respond to the 2019 Threat Landscape

Gartner (Published 16 August 2019)