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Breaking Drone Defenses: Using Chicken Wire to Defeat Net Projectile-Based Products

The majority of practical drone defense products/solutions currently available use a net projectile of some kind.  These nets are typically very light weight, and wouldn’t be heavy enough to drag down their intended targets.  Instead, they are designed to get tangled in the propellers of the ‘rogue drone’ being targeted in order to disable it …

How I Built An XSS Worm On Atmail

This blog post was authored by Senior Security Analyst Zach Julian; you can connect with him on Twitter here. Atmail is a popular provider for cloud-based and on-premises email hosting. It is used by companies, hosting providers, and ISPs including DreamHost, LegalShield (US), m:tel (Bosnia), iiNet, and Optus (Australia). Being an atmail user on …

How We Can Stop Email Spoofing

According to our research, 98 percent of the internet is vulnerable to this attack. And here’s how our tool, SpoofCheck, can help us bring a stop to it. Most web domains are not protected against email spoofing, which is a relatively easy problem to solve. If you’re concerned that your domain may be vulnerable …