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Untwisting the Mersenne Twister: How I Killed the PRNG

Random number generation has been insecure for decades and there hasn’t been a practical pentesting tool to tackle this problem – until now, that is. Enter Untwister Untwister is a tool designed to help pentesters predict random number sequences when an application generates them using an insecure algorithm. The tool is named for the …

Bishop Fox Does Vegas: 2014 Style

Each summer, the most innovative minds in the infosec industry gather in Las Vegas to discuss new findings, research, and tools. They appear at conferences like Black Hat USA and Security B-Sides Las Vegas. What transpires at these events often makes headlines and stays in people’s minds long after the summer has ended. Bishop Fox …

A Week in the Life of a Pen Tester

The professional (and personal) life of the pen tester is one of great joys and great tragedies. There are ego-inflating accomplishments quickly followed by crushing sorrows. There are stacked cans of Red Bull, nights spent staring wide-eyed at a computer screen, and secretive shower crying sessions. Maybe when someone asks you “Well, what is pen …