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SecurityWeek – JPMorgan Targeted in Alleged Russian Cyberattack

Federal authorities in the United States are investigating reports of cyberattacks launched against JPMorgan Chase and at least one other unnamed financial institution. Bishop Fox Partner Vinnie Liu comments on the attackers’ possible motivations and strategy in this SecurityWeek article: Feedback Friday: JPMorgan Targeted in Alleged Russian Cyberattack – Industry Reactions

Computerworld – Feds Issue Bulletin Warning About Malicious ‘Google Dorking’ Cyber Actors

While it seems years too late, DHS, FBI and NCTC issued a bulletin warning website admins about malicious cyber actors using Google Dorking advanced search techniques to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited in cyber attacks. Fran Brown’s tool SearchDiggity is referenced in the bulletin and in this Computerworld article: Feds Issue Bulletin Warning …

eWeek – Chinese Hackers Breach 4.5 Million Health Care Records

Community Health Systems (CHS) disclosed that its systems were breached in an attack that occurred between April and June 2014. A China-based attacker is believed to be responsible for the intrusion. Bishop Fox Managing Security Associate Christie Grabyan discusses the connection between the breach and HIPAA compliance, and what makes an industry an attractive target …