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My Time at NetWars Tournament of Champions

EPISODE ONE: THE CTF AWAKENS Each and every December, some of the best and brightest hackers from around the world travel to Washington D.C. for the NetWars Tournament of Champions. Champion golfers may have their prestigious green sportscoats, but NetWars champions receive the coveted black hoodie. Who am I? Let’s start with the basics: I …

The 12 Days of Security

If you’ve been following our actions on social media lately, you’ll notice we did a “12 Days of Security” series of cybersecurity tips for how to stay secure around the holidays. The below is a recap of the updates. On the First Day of Security … Around the holidays, email phishing is much more common. …

Your Worst Case Scenario: An Introduction to Threat Modeling

Threat modeling is an important piece of the security puzzle that may be missing in many IT organizations. Building a comprehensive model of the threats to your applications, systems, and organization will focus your security efforts where they matter most. When you drive your car, do you fasten your seat belt? Then, you understand the …